InMotion Arizona believes that movement enhances the spirit of life. 

As a comprehensive dance, yoga and fitness company, InMotion Arizona concentrates on building self-confidence, a healthy lifestyle and a positive perspective through movement of all kinds. Specializing in children’s physical education and development, InMotion Arizona fosters an environment of healthy expression and fun. We believe that creating an environment where movement is fun and engaging gives children the fundamentals to build lifelong fitness habits and a healthy body image.


All classes offered by inMotion Arizona are highly interactive and gently structured to enhance students’ trust in his/her own creative expression. Dance, cheer and yoga techniques are integrated in age appropriate ways so that children truly enjoy their experience. Our core principles of instruction are as follows:

Capture Attention - We believe the basic rule of teaching is to keep the attention of the students. If you don't have their attention, they won't learn. We teach use engaging music and interactive games to maintain attention and focus.

Keep Moving - Our 

programs are high energy and loaded with fun. We keep a steady pace through out each class to keep students on track and engaged. We take several short breaks for water during every class, but we encourage all students to keep moving to the extent of their ability through out the session.

Use Multiple Teaching Methods

We understand that each student has a different way of learning. Learning will be most effective if individual learning needs are accommodated. During an inMotion Arizona class multiple methods of instruction are utilized to ensure learning and retention is most effective. Methods of instruction include demonstration, verbal instruction, partner and group work, and repetition.

Demonstrate - 

Demonstration is a critical aspect of dance, cheer and yoga instruction. inMotion Arizona instructors are taught that demonstration is not only a visual technique, but is most effective when it is accompanied by auditory reinforcement. This is achieved either by calling out instructions verbally or using the music to orient the students to the steps. Demonstration often works best as a prelude to the actual instruction, by showing the students what they are expected to learn.

Patience and Positive Reinforcement

The final element of all instruction is feedback. Because our classes are taught in a cooperative social environment (rather than an academic setting), it is especially important to provide constructive feedback which encourages the student to keep learning. We believe that "constructive feedback" refers not just to correcting steps, but also to delivering positive reinforcement.  Patience is one of our strongest values. While learning dance, cheer or yoga skills, students must learn patience and persistence to reach their goals. We believe in teaching by example and in turn, teach all of our classes with an endless amount of patience and understanding

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